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The hassle free energy renewal service for businesses

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We have launched Relax to take the hassle out of you calling around to try and find the best possible price for your business energy contract. After all, this process takes time and ultimately costs you money!

Let us take you through the basics

  • The team at Energy Advice Line will take responsibility for securing your next energy contract.
  • We will send you an email with a selection of the best prices available as your renewal date approaches. We will automatically select the cheapest price but you can select any of the other available options before the quote window closes. This way you still have the option to engage in the process if you wish….
  • We handle all of the time-consuming admin on your behalf - price comparisons, terminations etc. We will do whatever it takes to get your contract up and running and importantly keep you in the loop at all times by email.
  • Don’t worry, you can opt out and cancel the Relax Renewal Service at any time before your renewal quote window closes.

The Relax Renewal Process

What we do and when

To be able to confidently search, select and secure your new contract - without you having to call us - you need to know how we are going to do and when you can expect information from us.

  1. You opt in to take the Relax Renewal Service and we will contact you on approach to your renewal date to let you know which date we will send quotes through by email. This will typically be 3-6 months before your current contract end date.
  2. We send your renewal quote through on the specified date and confirm at this time when the quote window closes.
  3. On receipt of the quote email you can check the cheapest rate that we are suggesting and also see other options that are available. If you are happy with our suggested price, you don’t have to do a thing. If you want to choose another option, you just make the selection on the screen to lock in the price.
  4. The contract with your supplier will be completed when the quote window closes and you will receive a copy of the contract paperwork by email.
  5. That’s it, we take care of the rest and you are assured that you are locked into another competitive rate.
  6. If you want to opt out of the Relax Renewal service all you need to do is select this option when we send the quote email through – simple!

Relax !!!

The Relax Renewal service from Energy Advice Line is our exclusive energy contract management service designed specifically designed for business customers in the UK. We take the hassle out of the renewal process with the aim of saving UK Businesses as much money as possible year on year.

The process is transparent, quick and easy allowing you to get on with the day job trusting us that we have got on with ours.